St Catherine's Primary School
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School Safety

Supervision of Playgrounds

At St Catherine's Primary, we consider the health and safety of our children to be paramount at all times. Therefore, we ensure that a significant adult presence is provided in playgrounds at break times in terms of the Schools (Safety and Supervision of Pupils) (Scotland) Regulations, 1990.

Playgrounds and the dining hall are all well supervised by members of staff, always on hand to deal with the children's needs as they arise. In addition, our qualified first aid personnel is always on duty in the Medical Room during all break times in order to be able to respond quickly to needs.
The Primary 7 pupils are used as buddies to help and care for Primary 1 pupils during their first year at school and other children from time to time.


In St Catherine's Primary there is zero tolerance of any kind of bullying behaviour. Our very effective Anti-Bullying Policy clearly states strategies, approaches and procedures for dealing with bullying issues raised. This information is shared with all new Primary 1 parents at induction days, and is reinforced at Meet the Teacher Evening, which takes place in Term 1 of the school year.

The school ensures that time is allocated in order to present the children with an opportunity to focus on issues of Bullying at specific times throughout the year.